Today, once again, we return with the analysis of last week’s precious metal quotations, which are contained in the car catalysts we recycle – platinum, palladium and rhodium.

We are always very pleased when we have good news for you. The past week, however, combines both good and slightly inferior information. See the rest alone …

The last days were not good for platinum. The course flew down for the most part of the week. The week started with a quotation of 829 USD / ounce, which is not a very bad result when looking at recent rates. Later, however, it dropped to 802 USD / ounce. After reaching this value, the price of platinum began to rise and within two days it reached less than 813 USD / ounce. After this jump, unfortunately, a strong decline was recorded, up to the value of USD 798.50. The overall difference in the price of this precious metal between the first and last analyzed date is USD 30.5. The average value was 807 USD / ounce – which is less than 2 dollars less than the average price in the last month.

Now something you secretly waited for both you and us. Another historic palladium price that we have not seen in 20 years of buying catalysts! Last time we had the pleasure to inform you that the palladium rate was 1 294.20 USD / ounce (in the previous article, which you can find here).

This time, we want to announce that on 17/01/2019 an ounce of this metal was worth less than 1396 USD. Are you surprised? we honestly say yes. It is true that we expected another increase, but not so high. For confirmation, we are adding a chart from the website

The beginning of the week also did not herald such a high rate. After the last joy of the price of 1 294 USD / oz, we had to come to terms with a few-day-long hole, where the value of the ounce oscillated around the amount of 1 285 USD. The rapid increase on 15.01-17.01 led to considerable sensation. It is true that this incredible price did not last until the end of the week, but even after Friday’s decline, we can not really complain. The value with which last week ended was up to 1 337.35 USD / ounce. We are curious if more records will be broken.

The family record also surprised us. After the last days of stagnation, which lasted from 21.12 last year, until January 9 this year, there was initially a fall in value from 2,300 USD / ounce to 2,800 USD / ounce. This price was maintained for the next six days, after which it increased sharply, closing the week with the amount of up to 2,310 USD / ounce. Rod did not come back to the good streak from the beginning of December, but let us be patient.

Gold with fluctuations for most of the week. At that time, prices fluctuated around USD 1,290. This metal has been marked by increases and decreases on the way. Only on Thursday there was a strong downward trend, which lasted until the end of the week. It was closed with the value of 1 280 USD. We are waiting for quotations such as at the beginning of the year, when the ounce of the family cost just over USD 1,300. Will this happen? We will see in the coming weeks.

Silver also fell during the last week. The initial price was 15.78 USD / ounce, final 15.3 USD / ounce (-1.60% change). Practically throughout the week (except Monday) we observed a decline.

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