How do we price catalysts?

Reliable valuation of catalysts is currently not the slightest problem for a professional collection point.

Regardless of whether they are catalysts coming from cars or from a construction machine, a truck or a ship. Is it a popular catalyst like GM22 or less well-known RX8 (we wrote about problems with its recognition here). It does not matter to the specialist whether the catalyst has a housing with a clearly visible number or not. Regardless of all these aspects, he can faultlessly determine its value. Not only thanks to specialist knowledge, but also thanks to the dedicated apparatus that makes precise analyzes.

What is the procedure for receiving catalysts in our company

  1. You report delivery to us and agree on issues related to transport – remember that we will be happy to offer you our own transport. Thanks to the introduction of the wholesale mail order purchase option, you can also use courier services.
  2. We accept catalysts from you – we label them appropriately and weigh the material to be processed.
  3. We remove the housing, leaving a valuable core with precious metals: platinum, palladium and rhodium, which will be recovered in the recycling process for re-use in the production of new catalysts and more.
  4. We mill and homogenise all the material supplied in a closed ball mill, so that it has a uniform form, ready to carry out specific analytical determinations.
  5. From the material provided, we collect the appropriate representative sample
  6. We prepare samples for preliminary testing in our laboratory. During a number of activities, we use the mineralization technique, assisted by microwaves. In suitable vessels, we digest the samples so that the entire contents of the container are dissolved in the mixture of acids. For archiving purposes and traceability of the sample path, in accordance with the adopted quality management system – all activities are recorded in the forms. After the mineralization process is completed, the mineralization is transferred to graduated vessels in which we perform the next dilution.
  7. The sample prepared in this way is subjected to the determination of the content of elements using a stationary mass spectrometer coupled with an inductively excited plasma (in short this device is called ICP-MS). The spectrometer used is currently one of the most modern devices available on the market
  8. On the basis of information obtained from laboratory tests, we get data on the content of individual elements in the material under study, and thus – we set the value of the material for a given day. At the time of valuation, we take into account the current quotations of precious metals (you can always check the current precious metal prices on our website). You will receive the exact calculation in the Material Delivery Report that you receive from us, along with the Waste Transfer Card
  9. We fill in the necessary documents and issue a sample sample.
  10. We pay the calculated amount by a quick transfer to the account indicated by you.

As you can see, the procedure described here requires specialized tools and the most important – qualified staff, for whom both analysis and valuation is an extremely simple and fast process.

Healthy business relations

We would like to invite everyone to the “Healthy business relations” program together with DS Auto. Through this program, we want to promote behaviors and practices that promote mutual trust. We work not only with the company, but above all with another human being. For cooperation to be fruitful and satisfying for both parties, mutual trust, concern for mutual benefits and a sense of security in concluding transactions are necessary. The best cooperation is when we have a problem, we know where to go for help. Whenever we return to the same company each time, knowing that we will be heard and treated with the greatest care, and common needs are a priority.

Companies that we want to particularly distinguish for creating healthy business relationships receive from us an appropriate certificate, which certifies that cooperation with them can be a model to follow.