Recently, we wrote about new obligations for entrepreneurs who have a permit for waste management. By September 5, they are required to submit an application to change their decisions, and thus update them. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide relevant documents. One of them is a certificate of good conduct, referred to in art. 42 par. 3a point 1 and 2 of the Waste Act. How to get such a certificate? According to the law, each person has the right to obtain information whether he is listed in the National Criminal Register, this is referred to in Article 7 of the CRC Act. This information is available in the form of a relevant certificate.

The document can be obtained at the information desks of the National Criminal Register, in the district or district court. However, it is necessary to submit an application in the form of a query. They are usually received “on the spot” and the cost of issue is PLN 30. It is also possible to send a request for a certificate by letter, or via the online e-KRK system. Then it costs 20 PLN. The document can also be obtained for us by a plenipotentiary. We pay the fee by purchasing fiscal stamps in a court, which we then stick to the application or pay the amount by transfer to the account of the Ministry of Justice. In the transfer title, we indicate data such as first and last name, name of the entity and date from the application. Confirmation of the transfer should then constitute an attachment to the application. If we want to arrange the certificate electronically, through the e-KRK system, then we need to create an account in it, if we have not used the system before. Signing an online application is possible in two ways: by purchasing a secure electronic signature, which is verified by a qualified certificate, or through a signature confirmed by a free ePUAP trusted profile. The application will be available in the “Download” tab. Just like in court, we also sign the application and make a payment. We will receive information from the National Court Register into the created account. Save it on your computer. The system is also available in English, German and French. How to fill out the application? Here everything will depend on the legal form of your business. If you run a sole proprietorship, then you only apply as a natural person. In the case of a company, it is necessary that the persons who created it individually submit the application as natural persons, and additionally, they obtain a certificate for the entity being conducted. Just filling out the application is extremely simple and intuitive. On the right-hand side at the top, there is a place for sticking tax stamps. In item 12, mark the “Penalty file” field with a cross. A company certificate can only be obtained by a person who is authorized to represent it. It may be the president, proxy, partner, one of the board members or a proxy appointed by the entity. We invite you to our blog, where you will find other articles useful in running the purchase of catalysts.