As every year, the rules are changing dynamically. At Unimetal Recycling we are always up to date with all new products. In connection with our program “Healthy Business Relations”, about which we wrote here. We feel obliged to inform you as soon as possible about what is important in running a company. If you can – please, pass this information on. The regulations that come into force with the New Year are somewhat revolutionary. What is the situation this time and why ignorance can cost? about this in today’s article.

Small ZUS – it’s worth to hurry up

As promised by the Government, the smallest enterprises registered in our country will be able to use the so-called “Small ZUS”. This solution, thanks to which the smallest companies will pay lower social security contributions than before. They will be adequate and proportional to the revenues they earn.

Although this solution is so beneficial for everyone, there is one small problem. We are not entitled to it “from the machine”. We must first submit the relevant documents, and the time to submit it is really little – less than a week, which is until January 8, 2019 (only 5 business days). Those who do not make it or simply do not know about this possibility, will be forced to pay higher premiums a few hundred zlotys a month. Therefore, ignorance of the new regulations can cost us dearly.

At present, the rate of ZUS and NFZ contributions is about PLN 1,200 a month. This amount was fixed for all entrepreneurs regardless of the revenues of the company. Often they were more than actual income. It is estimated that due to this reason, as many as 10,000 companies annually have to close their activities. There were therefore voices that they should be adapted to financial possibilities.

Along with the entry of the long-promised amendment to the regulations, the rate of premiums paid will depend on the income from our activity. In order to benefit from the benefits of the new regulations, it is necessary to report it to ZUS until January 8. The first thing we have to do is submit the ZUS ZWUA document to unregister from the insurance system. Then we need to re-register by submitting the ZUS ZUA document, but by selecting another code – 05 90. Then we will be able to fully enjoy the new legal regulations. The case can be arranged personally at the Social Insurance Institution branch or via available online software – Payer or e-Payer. If you do not make it to January 8, the next such opportunity will appear only at the beginning of 2020.

The short deadline for filing is not the end of restrictions. A small ZUS is offered only when the business has operated for at least 60 days last year. The newly established companies are not entitled to new privileges. In addition, to make use of the provisions, you can not settle with a tax card, use the VAT exemption, with 24-month preferential subscriptions or be subject to social insurance from another business activity. In addition, there is one more significant limitation that disqualifies us from using a small ZUS. Namely, if in the last year our income from the company amounted to even 30 times the minimum wage, then we also have to “get around with the taste”. This amount in the current year is PLN 63 thousand, if the company operated throughout the previous year. If, however, shorter – this limit will be calculated in proportion to the number of days of running a business. In addition, for 5 years, only for 3 we can pay smaller contributions (the remaining two years will be a break), and the small ZUS deals only with social security, and precisely saying contributions for retirement, accident, sickness and disability purposes. Health premiums remain unchanged.

The increase in the minimum wage

The draft amendment to the regulations related to minimum wage, developed by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, came into force. So far, it is PLN 2,100 gross. Currently, it is equal to PLN 2250 gross, which means that it is higher by PLN 500 than in 2015, which is 4 years ago. Statistics say that at the minimum rates, it earns as many as 1.5 million Poles.

Facilitators for family businesses

Thanks to the new regulations, you will be able to settle the tax for the salary / spouse’s work in the tax deductible costs. This is undoubtedly good information for people running family microenterprises and small businesses. When employing a wife or a husband, regardless of the type of binding contract, the taxpayer will be settled on the same terms as when hiring a foreign person. This regulation will cover tens of thousands of companies.

No more filling out tax returns

This revolutionary change was approved on October 4, 2018. Soon there will be spring queues in the accounting offices and the diligent filling out of the tax declaration with the calculator in hand. Now, the tax return will be prepared by the National Tax Administration. Despite many facilities, such as filling a PIT with software, it was first necessary to find out what exact discounts we are entitled to for a given period. Now this unpleasant duty will be forgotten. Now, the tax office will take over this responsibility, at the same time allowing us in an electronic form to view the “Your e-PIT” platform. They will be available to us from February 15 to April 30. They will be prepared on the basis of data from previous declarations. the declaration prepared by the state will not take into account tax breaks and exemptions for the taxpayer. We will be able to make a voluntary correction.