Together with the employees of Koban, who was next to us, we again appeared on Runmageddon. This time, we went to Gliwice to take part in this exciting race. Apart from us, nearly 5,000 other competitors appeared there, including about a thousand children and adolescents. For them, the Kids and Junior competitions were intended. We decided this time for a 6-kilometer run with obstacles, called Recruit, in which 3,200 people took part. Along the way, 30 different obstacles awaited us. We have been preparing for a long time, so we managed each one of them, cheering each other and supporting each other. The part, which took place in the Arena Gliwice, made us feel a real sporting atmosphere, and the cheers from the tribunes further encouraged us to fight. Runmageddon, like the previous one, provided us with a huge amount of positive emotions and proved that we are an extremely harmonious team. What’s more, we want to repeat such great fun, so at the beginning of September we are taking part in Runmageddon Silesia. We invite you to view the photo gallery from the event!