On July 4 of this year, the Sejm adopted the Act amending the act on maintaining cleanliness and order in the commune. What are the implications of the work of companies recycling end-of-life vehicles from this fact? 1. It was decided to extend the time to submit an application for a change in the decision to comply with the provisions of the Act of 20 July 2018 amending the act on waste and other acts by March 5, 2020. Let’s remind you that in the last article we informed you that this deadline will expire on September 5 this year. As we can see, it has changed. The deadline is therefore extended by as much as 6 months. 2. The Sejm has introduced financial sanctions for not reporting the fact of purchasing or selling a vehicle referred to in art. 78 section 2 of the Road Traffic Law, as well as for failure to register a vehicle which was imported from EU territory within 30 days. He set the amount of the sanction between PLN 200 and PLN 1000. 3. It was decided to extend the period of storage of non-hazardous waste to 3 years. 4. Administrative fines were imposed for exceeding the storage period in the amount of PLN 5,000 to PLN 1,000,000 (Article 194 of the Waste Act refers to it). 5. The responsibility of hazardous waste holders has been extended. This means that entities that are owners of hazardous waste (producer or collector) will be responsible for what happens to the waste, even after being handed over to the next holder (who obtained the appropriate decisions), until they are subjected to the final the disposal or recovery process. We must bear in mind the fact that this is only a project which, although adopted by the Sejm, is referred to the Senate, where it will be discussed in detail, and in case of its approval by the legislative authority, will be submitted for signature to the President of the Republic of Poland, who will eventually approve changes . News related to environmental law for the recycling industry and any changes in regulations, you can follow on our website.